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WoopDrift.io is a top-down view car based, points hunting game. Each player drives a car around an urban themed arena, and must collect the letters of “WOOP” as frequently as possible, in an aim to move up the leaderboard and get a high score. An arrow guides you to the next letter needed.

It’s not just that easy though, with each real player equip with weapons and pick up items that are to be used to harm other players. Destroying others will also reward your score. The letters for “WOOP” are spread around the map, and once all found will result in a choice of bonuses, as well as a score boost. Once completed this all begins again, the hunt for more “WOOP” never ends. Which can in all honesty, get repetitive.

Smash some boxes to get weapons – you’re gonna need them in WoopDrift.io!

Weapons are found in pick up boxes. It’s a similar idea to Mario Kart’s pick up system. These include Spinning razors, explosive bombs, oil spills and rear flames. Each user has a health bar above their car. Cash can be picked up throughout the arena, which can also be transferred into upgrades for your car, such as speed, handling and damage durability. You can also customize you car’s color in this area.

There is a variety of car template from which you select when starting the game and a helpful tutorial. It’s a fun game, but it feels like everyone is just driving around ignoring each other until you get in one another’s way. A blend of drifting cars and violence!


  • Mouse – Drive/Steer
  • Left Mouse – Accelerate
  • Space Bar – Use Item/Weapon

GameFarm.io tips for WoopDrift.io:

  • Drive over green squares for speed boost.
  • Stay still to trick others into thinking you AFK, then press space bar to use your weapon!
  • Follow the green arrow.
  • You don’t have to get the WOOP letters in order. So if you see one, go get it!

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