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Warscrap.io is a free to play multiplayer online shooting game released in 2017. The game runs directly in an internet browser and is 3D. The main plot of the game is that you are tasked with defending 4 “reactor” sites that are under attack by a group of monsters. These 4 reactors are in 4 areas called the “Field”, “Gardens”, “Ruins” and “Lookout”.

Upgrade Yourself To Destroy The Competition in WarScrap.io

The game features multiple ways to upgrade your character. These include skins, new weapons, and items. The bulk of these can be purchased using the store in the middle of the map and spending “cores” which are green devices taken from the monsters you kill.

Overall the game is very interesting for a browser game. Being able to drive, shoot, and upgrade your character gives it quite a bit of replayability. For users who get really into the game you can even make an account to keep some of your progress.


  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Press spacebar to jump
  • Aim and zoom by right clicking
  • Attack by left clicking
  • Scroll through your weapons with mouse scroll or pressing the 1 key
  • View game options by pressing the P key
  • Toggle mouse lock with the L key

GameFarm.io tips for WarScrap.io:

  • To start out with switch to your sword and just use that against every enemy except the big tanky one with the big machine gun. You can kill them almost all in one hit and this will help you get xp and core much faster than using the weak first gun.
  • Don’t waste core on any of the weaker guns, wait for either the Machine Gun or Sniper (300 or 400 core respectively).
  • When you can buy an Operators license from the shop in the middle under the items section. Being able to drive gives you a huge advantage in how quick you can get to the next reactor.


  1. Anonymous says:

    it shows a lemon and the game wont load when i hit play and then it returns to the sign in screen where you can change your skin, the game is being junky.

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