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WarehousePanic.io is a free online multiplayer arcade-style game that was released in February of 2018. The game features a race to grow your territory in what feels like a modern remix of the classic game Tetris – but multiplayer. The game features very simple controls – one button to place a shape (left mouse click) and one to cycle through shapes (right mouse click).

WarehousePanic.io Combines Strategy With Quick Thinking

You will need to act quickly in this game because, as you wait, other places will be putting down their pieces and taking key areas of the playing field almost every second. The quicker you can move the more likely you will be able to place your pieces next to each other which allows them to combine into stronger placements which count for more points. For instance, if you are the “Water” character/class the more units you put next to each other the bigger your water source becomes. You can grow from a puddle to an Olympic swimming pool as one example.

Overall WarehousePanic.io is a great casual game that fits the description of “simple to learn but hard to master”. There are many different methods one can try to use to get to the top of the daily leaderboard and no two rounds are alike.


  • Left click to place your next piece
  • Right click your mouse to change the shape of the next piece you are going to place.

GameFarm.io tips for WarehousePanic.io:

  • Strategically prevent your opponents from combining huge chunks by placing a junk piece in between their blobs before they combine. Use this sparingly though as your cooldown becomes larger the more you place your pieces in places that do not touch at least one of your own.
  • Focus on combining your units over just placing a lot of them, they are worth much more points together.
  • Start at either the bottom left or bottom right corners, these are often overlooked by the other players who will begin battling each other on the top while you grow quickly.

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