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Wanderers.io is a tribe building, surival game set in a fairly simple but intriguing open world map. By collecting and managing your resources you must attempt to survive for as long as possible, whilst holding off and battling other players in this tense world.

Each player has a totem which is dragged around. You also have minions; they follow the totem. The minions will fight, collect and build but the more you have, the slower your tribe moves.Assigning your minions with certain tools will make them perform specific tasks. For example, applying an axe will set a little minion scurrying off to collect wood. Wood is a vital resource for basic tools and campfires.

Hunting Food is Vital to Survival in Wanderers.io

Hunting AI animals, such as rabbits, will provide you with food which you need to heal your tribe and recruit new minions. Campfires will also heal your minions. The amount of food you must pay will increase as your tribe grows. EXP points are vital in your survival, as you will gain more lore. This is gained by killing animals and other players.

Battle is a key part of the game, and is initaited by simply moving your totem towards an enemy. Your long range shooters (who can be given bows to shoot) are protected by your more brutal melee members. This game is great for those with patience who love surivial games. The graphics are not stunning but the appeal of this game is the depth of the growth and resources.


  • Point and click with mouse
  • Drag totem to move your tribe

GameFarm.io tips for Wanderers.io:

  • Some mushrooms are poisonous, so be careful before feeding them to your minions!
  • Special buildings can be found that you can trade items at.
  • Gold is needed to buy more items. It is found by mining.
  • Clouds are magical and bring everything below them back to life!
  • Team up with other players (if that’s your style)

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