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Description: is a free to play no download required browser game. The main plot of the game is that you pick one of 3 elemental tribes to join: water, fire, or plants and then fight your opponent while fleeing from the tribe that chases you. The order goes like so: Water > Fire > Plants > Water, where Fire attacks plants but runs away from Water for example.

Tribal Warfare Has Never Been So Elemental As It Is In

The game features a decked out loot and gear customization system. You get points for winning games, doing good and for playing regularly which you can use on better spells and character customization.

Over the game is doing very well for having just been released. It has a great polish to its award system and the gameplay seems very balanced. If you like games like but wish they had a little twist to it, might be for you!


  • Move your mouse to move your character
  • Press the number keys to cast spells once you have some unlocked and equipped tips for

  • Use the outer edge’s forest to hide a bit when trying to run away – use it for short bursts of time though as it is dangerous to be pinned against the wall.
  • Use the wall spell once you get it until you get better at the game. It blocks chasing opponents very well so you won’t die as often.
  • If you see a member of your tribe chasing someone down try to go at the same opponent but from a different angle. You will most likely pin them from both sides and you both will get some of the experience. Teamwork matters in

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