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Published online for free in March of 2018, is a multiplayer browser game that has old school Mario vibes. The main goal is to gether up as many coins as you can while avoiding death in a dungeon that seems made to kill you and all the other tiny little characters (other players). Armed with just a simple sword, you will need to fend off opponents and scavenge up the limited amount of easy to grab golden coins.

Death Lurks Behind Every Corner In is a platform jumping game with very tight and narrow gaps you must jump and move around in. To make matters worst along the ceilings, floors and walls are giant spike traps ready to destroy you without hesitation. The higher you make it up the platform, the more often coins spawn which will let you make your way to the top of the leaderboard quicker.

Continuing the tradition of simpler multiplayer browser games, hits a warm spot with its nostalgic graphics and retro sound effects. For that and many reasons we recommend this game to anyone who was fans of arcade game classics like Donkey Kong, Mario, etc..


  • Press A to move to the left and D to move to the right
  • The W key or spacebar lets you jump
  • Click the left mouse button to attack tips for

  • Don’t engage in sword fights unless you have full health and they have very little. There is really no point otherwise and you just risk dying.
  • If you see a particularly difficult route that you are unsure of, sometimes waiting and watching the other players go at it will tell you if it is possible without risking death yourself.
  • If you let go of the jump key after pressing and hold down left or right, you can often glide up and over near edges without risking jumping into traps just above them.

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