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Description: is one of the better soccer based io games at the moment. It is a free to play browser based game that requires no registration to start playing. Once you pick a name and click “Play as Guest” you will be placed into a park filled with soccer / futbol fields that you can watch or join the matches that are taking place. Has Tons Of Options

There are all sort of styles of soccer matches going on at anytime. There are some 1v1, some 4v4, etc. The players themselves can be customized using the games gold coin system – allowing you to unlock new and different jerseys. You can register a profile as well.

The developers of have also put into place a pretty good leaderboard system that tracks a couple different stats which can be good. You also have the ability to add friends that you can play matches with. Overall, if you have the craving for a quick match of soccer style fun – is right up your alley!


  • Press your left mouse button to sprint
  • Tap the right mouse button to kick the ball
  • Press E to use an energy drink/potion
  • Hit the enter key and type, then enter again to send a message
  • Press 0-9 for quick chat tips for

  • Use Energy drinks/potions A LOT. Always have one picked up and ready to use if you can.
  • Kick the ball even if you are not shooting to get it further down the field, otherwise, it is easy for the other players to just grab it from you
  • Sometimes it is better to place yourself in between the goal and the ball when your opponent has the ball, rather than chasing them down. You can more readily block the shot and have immediate possession of it that way.

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