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TakePoint.io is a free to play online browser game where you must not only defend your team’s current points of interest but also attack and take over the enemy teams points. There are multiple teams in this game and they are identified by the color of their players and control points.

A really cool feature of TakePoint is that it has a very dynamic upgrade and leveling system. Every level you get a point to add to one of 5 skills (Speed Increase, Faster Reload, Larger Mags, Extend View, and Heal Faster). After level 10 you get a point every three times you level up.

Levels, Perks, and Upgraded Weapons Make TakePoint.io Dynamic

At level 10 you also get to choose from one of three upgraded weapons which include an assault rifle, a sniper rifle or a shotgun. Then at level 15 you get to choose a perk which includes (Health, Barrier, Gas, Frag or Self Destruct).

Overall we highly recommend TakePoint. It is very well made, competitive, engaging and no download is required to play.


  • Move: WASD keys or arrow keys
  • Reload by pressing the R key
  • Left click your mouse to shoot
  • Press Spacebar to use your Perk
  • Start chatting by pressing the enter key

GameFarm.io tips for TakePoint.io:

  • A good build seems to be cycling through adding in this order: +1 speed, +1 mag size, +3 reload time
  • If a teammate is charging in you can keep shooting from the side of them and ducking behind for cover, no reason for both of you to get hit.
  • Standing on points to defend gives you experience.

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