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Description: is a low effort but fun and simple little points collecting game. You take control of a character in a narrow map that contains three things: other players, bouncy steps and stars. It is these stars that you must collect to gain points and climb the leaderboard. Stars will also help you grow. Also a bigger star is worth more in points and growth than smaller ones (a similar idea to games like

You can also “stomp” on other players. To do this you just need to land on top of another player. This will result in you growing and gain a big points bonus, whilst also ending the game for the other player. However, this can cause problems because when you’re far bigger than anyone else, it’s easier to be stomped on. But of course, also easier to stomp others.

Jump or Slam – Either Type of Stomp Is Good In

You can smash down on other players, but a more controlled and violent stop by pressing space in mid-air. There is nothing to gain or lose from reaching the top of the bottom of the map, they both contain random amounts of stars in them and there is no consequence to hitting the side and ends of the map.

Customization of your character can be edited in the main menu by social media sharing. This is a fun game, but ultimately very bland and only useful if you want a quick 5-10 minutes of brainless playing around. It could be more fun with friends.


  • Use the WASD/Arrow keys to Move
  • Press Spacebar to Stomp down tips for

  • Select a custom server in the main menu if you want to try play with friends.
  • Playing higher up the top of map has no extra value but can make stomping on others easier and you less vulnerable.

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