Space one is possibly my favorite free game on the internet. This is because it’s a very fun combination of a classic like Agario, with a space shootout sort of format. By combining these two styles the final product is a really enjoyable and simple game. In the game you will control a space fleet, and you must shoot others before they kill you. At first it may sound like a simple shooter game, but there’s a twist. The Agario element is that you can eat dots to grow your fleet. This means there are more guns on your fleet and ultimately become a much stronger force within the game. It’s this feature that makes me like the game so much, not only because it’s an interesting aspect, but also because it displays the ambition the creators of the project had when making it. The game also looks great, which isn’t the most important thing but is still a good thing. As the game is space themed, the map is designed to reflect this, and it does so in a really impressive way. If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing, fun and exciting version of a space shoot out game, then I urge you to play this game.


  • Move around with your mouse.
  • Shoot by clicking your mouse. tips for

  • In the beginning focus on growing yourself. Don’t engage in shootouts with bigger fleets, instead remove yourself from the action and grow.
  • Be alert. Fleets can shoot across and take you out at any time, so don’t fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Fire a lot of shots in a shootout. Even if you’re not an amazing shooter, law of averages dictates that if you fire a high volume of shots then some are bound to land.

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