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SonicBoom is a straight-forward free to play the multiplayer version of the classic snake game. This game requires no registration to play – users simply pick a name and jump right into the action. This game was released in November of 2017.

Planning Ahead Is Crucial in SonicBoom

The way SonicBoom is set up requires both quick reflexes and great planning skills. You need to be able to react quickly as other snakes try to trip you up and kill you. However, at the same time, you need to be thinking ahead of all possible paths you can escape to if you need to.

Overall SonicBoom is a great way to kill some time in a down to earth retro feeling game. There is no fluff to cut through to play and anyone who enjoyed the classic single-player snake game (looking at you old Nokia phone owners!) would definitely enjoy this.


  • Use WASD keys or Arrow keys to move tips for SonicBoom:

  • Find long snakes near the edges, they will box themselves up often and only have one way to escape. When they do cut that path off with your tail and you are almost guaranteed to take them out.
  • Always be alert as snakes can spawn anywhere

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