Slay.One is super fun arcade type shooter. The game is free, but the production value honestly isn’t bad at all. The music used in the game is fun, and the sounds used for characters are great. Also, the maps are great too, personally I am a big fan of the different features of the maps themselves. There are things such as pickups (health and weapons) as well things like water which break the map up, and also reverse speed tracks that can cause trouble for players on the game. You also have the option of assigning your characters attributes to suit your preferences, as you can allocate points on your heal rate and lifetime. Another interesting part of the game is that you can utilize turrets to fend off foes and walls to conceal yourself, and points can be allocated for these as well (There are plenty of other power-ups that you can allocate points for also). Of course, an important part of any game is variety, and slay one has this in abundance. For example, there are a variety of different game modes. One of them being free for all, which is where you roam the map as a solo warrior trying to kill others. There is also team deathmatch where you work with other players to kill the enemy and capture the flag where you and your team have to steal the opposition’s flag. But, my personal favorite is infected, a game where some players are zombies and others are regular characters, and this game is really fun as its a game of survival instinct.


  • W,A,S,D to move around the map.
  • Move right (by using D) and right click to jump over tables and spikes.
  • Use the left click to fire you weapon.
  • Q places down turrets
  • Walk over a gun to acquire it tips for Slay.One:

  • Find a layout that suits your playing style.
  • Be fast! This is a fast paced game so it’s important to keep pace or you’ll get left behind

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