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Description: is a free flowing and fast paced multiplayer shooter game where you are a blob of jelly. In the game you control a small character who comes armed with a gun. The style of the game is similar to that of an 8-bit style in appearance. The map is very much 8-bit and features some interesting aspects. One of these being the bushes that are on the map. These bushes allow the player to conceal themselves from the enemy, a really stealthy technique if they want to stay low. There are also areas of cover for players to use if they want to avoid being shot. There are also open areas where shoot outs can occur.

This balance in the map itself is really good, and so is the 8-bit style that comes with it. The overall objective of the game is to kill other players, and if the user is successful in doing so they will move up the leaderboard as well as level up. To aid them in their quest to eliminate other players, there are various different acquirable weapons scattered around the map. These pick ups are valuable, as they can mean the difference between survival and death in this virtual world.


  • W,A,S,D to move.
  • Mouse to aim.
  • Left click to shoot.
  • Right click to swing sword. tips for

  • Get pickups
  • Use bushes to hide yourself
  • Use cover to protect your character from opponents.

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