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Description: is a free online multiplayer shooting game released in January of 2018. The game requires no download or registration and is a top-down shooter game played directly in your internet browser. The main twist over other similar games is that players can build walls and drive vehicles. There are roughly two areas on the map, an urban city area with roads and buildings and a beachside spot.

Destroy Things And Shoot Players To Win In

To grow your score (called “bounty” in-game) players must destroy items around the map like crates or dumpsters and kill other players. The player with the highest bounty makes their way to the top of the leaderboard and becomes a bigger target for other player’s attacks. There is no formal team system in game but many players will spin their character to signal they want to team with you.

Overall the game is a great way to kill a few minutes in between doing things without having to fire up your gaming console or download the latest battle-royal. Thus far the game has very little lag and a good variety of guns to pick up so we recommend everyone give it a shot.


  • Left click to fire your weapon
  • Right click to build a wall
  • Press Shift to sprint (drifts while you are in a car)
  • Press spacebar to get in and out of cars and to pick up weapons tips for

  • If you are low on health jump in a car and drive around until you find a health pack to heal back up.
  • The flamethrower is easily one of the best weapons and the combo of flamethrower + a car to get close to them without taking damage is very lethal.
  • Another great combo is the sniper rifle and building walls with small gaps you can shoot between as people walk up to you.

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