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Description: is a free browser-based 3D MMORPG released in April of 2018. It requires no downloads and automatically makes an account for you without jumping through a bunch of hoops. The game takes a little bit to load compared to other “io games” but it is worth your patience. When you begin you will start out in the noobie town next to the shopkeeper and the rest is up to you.

Directly south of the first shopkeeper in you will find level 1 “Banuks” (rabbit-like monsters) to fight. You should train up on these for a bit and collect some gold. With the gold you can head back to the shopkeeper you started out by and buy better armor and weapons to kill the Banuks faster. Alternatively, if you are feeling particularly strong you can start venturing into the portals to fight higher level monsters.

Venture Carefully

As you wander around be careful, other players and strong monsters await. Each will try to kill you. If you die you will lose progress and items so think through whatever you are going to attempt to do before committing. Overall this is a great addition to the multiplayer browser game community and we highly recommend you give a try.


  • Move/Attack with Left Mouse Button
  • Press Enter key to chat
  • Press P key for options tips for

  • As soon as you get 400 gold buy a better weapon so you can train faster.
  • Purchase as many healing items (right side of shop) as possible before travelling through the portals.
  • Don’t forget to add your stat points when you level.

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  1. Evolvedruid says:

    There are hackers who spawn kill, don’t waste your time…

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