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Description: is a fast-paced multiplayer robot shooter game, played in third person view. You will be allocated a team color, and battle three other teams. Your task is to caputre “control points”, just like a typical domination style game mode you are likely familiar with. The team with the most points gained from both kills and captured control points will win the game at the end of each timed round. A game typically lasts two minutes.

Your robot has two weapon slots (one on each arm). These contain various guns that can be swapped by walking up to weapons placed around the arena and pressing E. A non spinning weapon means you cannot pick it up as you already have it. You can shoot both weapons at the same time or separetly.

Storm The Control Points With Your Team in!

The control points around the map will be captured by a team player standing on the point until it changes to the color of their team. The more players on each capture point, the quicker it will change color. You can also use a shield, which will protect you for a short time, before it needs a quick cool off period to be used again. Your XP gained from kills and control points can be spent in the XP store. Here you can upgrade to weapons such as flamethrowers and super shields.

Finally, there are also repair booths. You can find these in the corners of the arena, and when entered will instantly repair your robot. This is a fun, well made game that can be great with a fully lobby. It is difficult to play without a mouse, so laptop users be warned!


  • WASD – Move
  • Left click – Left weapon fire
  • Right click – Right weapon fire
  • Space – Dash
  • Shift – Shield
  • Mouse – Turn/Aim
  • B – XP Store tips for

  • Use shield and dash to evade enemies who are certain to kill you.
  • Make use of repair booths and even hide in them.
  • The central control point is great for having an overview of all the control points at once.

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