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Relmz is a multiplayer RPG game where you fight monsters and earn coins. The more monsters you fight the higher level you will be, buy and sell items to improve your skills.

It’s all fun and games until you encounter King Goops in!! starts out in a small village where you are safe from any monsters. Here you can shop for items and prepare yourself for battle. When you venture out into the world the first monsters you will encounter are the Goops. These Goops are level one monsters you can kill and they will drop coins and apples. Once you level up you can go in different paths but be careful, each path has different and more dangerous monsters. There is a setting in this game that allows you to play in a world with just your friends, make sure to select “Private Play” at the login screen and invite your friends.

Over all is a very fun game, you never know what monsters you might encounter and it just gets more dangerous the further you get into it.


  • Click Left Mouse Button to Move or Attack
  • Press E Key to Open Your Inventory
  • Hit the Enter key for Chat
  • Press keys 1 – 5] to use Hotbar Items tips for Relmz:

  • Start out by killing the goops, they will drop Apples which will give you health
  • The game auto saves your progress, if you die you will re spawn with all your coins/equipment but you will drop a few levels
  • Add items to your HotBar for quick access

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