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RaceTime.io Is a simple yet addictive top down racing game that you will find yourself coming back to again and again, if you are a competitive racer! At first glance, it seems to simple to earn such praise, but once you realize there is a leaderboard of fastest times, you’ve soon spent 20 minutes trying to get to the top! The idea is simple; Control the thrust of your vehicle to get around the track in as a short a time as possible. The better the time, the higher up the leaderboard you go.

Although you will not be racing in real time against other users, their laps are recorded, so that you will race against their ghost on the same track, to show you how your lap time compares. This is great, as you learn where to use the thrust and where to coast around a corner.

No Steering Required – Focus On When To Give It Some Power Instead

You don’t steer your racer, as they will guide themselves around the track, but you control their momentum and speed. So if you go to fast, they will fly off the track, slowing you down considerably. You need to be daring in RaceTime.io, but careful. It’s strangely addictive, which probably comes from the fact you feel you can always push a little bit more (which of course ends up resulting in disaster). As you move up the leaderboard, you will be given a better rank (such as novice, pro, master etc). Each time you move up the leaderboard, you will be automatically matched with another higher player and have the opportunity to beat their time.

One downside is there is the track can become boring; the game offer you a “Pro Track” once you reach pro ranking, but this is only for mobile users via the app and not the browser version. Placed around the track are gold coins (which are also rewarded via winning races).

When you have 100 gold coins, you can buy a new vehicle. The starting vehicle is similar to the classic “Wipeout” game racer but later you can unlock animals, toys, rockets and classic cars. This is a really nicely made game, for fans of racing and with a competitive nature!


  • Mouse click/tap/ UP arrow to use thrust

GameFarm.io tips for RaceTime.io:

  • Sometimes coasting around the inside of a corner is quicker than accelerating around the outside line.
  • Watch the ghosts of faster users to learn where they use thrust.
  • Don’t accelerate in the middle of the corner too hard!
  • Once you exit the final corner hold accelerate always, until you cross the finish line!

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