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Powerline.io is an electricity inspired online multiplayer snake game released in October of 2017. The goal is very simple – grow your “snake” as long as you can by eating energy balls floating on the map. There is no signup required for Powerline.io, simply pick a name and start playing.

The controls are very easy to pick up – basically, you can only move for ways using either the WASD keys or arrow keys on your keyboard. The map has no notable landmarks so really you just move where ever you can find energy balls/food to grow bigger. Most of the time that means you need to get in some battles.

Use Electricity as Your Weapon in Powerline.io

Powerline.io has a very interesting take on the multiplayer snake genre in a way that has made battling the other players more entertaining. The main twist is the concept of being “charged up” by electricity. The most basic and useful version of this is by riding alongside another play you tap into their charge and start going progressively more faster. If they are not charged up themselves you can use this strategy to speed up in front of them and cut them off – often resulting in killing them and making them drop all of their “energy” balls. By eating a bunch of those energy balls in a short time you can become supercharged and speed around the map.

Ultimately Powerline.io is a browser-based game you won’t want to miss out on. While it is entering the multiplayer snake genre a little bit late after some of the Slither clones, it is a very polished game. The twists made by the game developer are small enough to not change the overall inspiration of the game but just enough to make it more interesting.


  • Use either the WASD keys or arrow keys to move

GameFarm.io tips for Powerline.io:

  • Ride alongside other players snakes to go faster than them – then cut them off for easy kills.
  • Be patient – if you come across two large snakes battling, let them risk dieing to each other. They will be big enough that you can swoop in risk-free and get some energy balls after one of them dies.
  • Don’t battle short snakes – they can be more unpredictable since they can turn much quicker without running into themselves.

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