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Pockey.io is a free to play online browser game released in December of 2017. The game is a hybrid of hockey and billiards (pool) and is largely skill based. The game requires no payment to play and no registration is required.

There Are Multiple Ways To Win In Pockey.io

Due to the fact that Pockey is a blend of sports that means there are blended ways to win. At the start of the match you will notice a hockey puck in the middle of the balls you are about to break. That puck can be used to score goals, two of which will win the player the match. Outside of that it is a simplified version of billiards. The goal of which is to knock in all the balls of your opponents. When you knock them all in the match is over.

Pockey.io provides an endless amount of entertainment since it is skill-based. Practice will make you perfect and at that point you will most likely find yourself on the “All-stars” leaderboards accessible from the front page of the game.


  • Move mouse around cue ball (white ball) to rotate which way you are going to aim.
  • Click to set the position then pull mouse back to charge up how far away you want to hit the ball from.
  • Click again to release and hit the ball.

GameFarm.io tips for Pockey.io:

  • Use the white guide line to know which direction you are going to hit the ball.
  • Don’t play this game multitasking – you only have 20 seconds to take your turn so switching back and forth between tabs is a recipe for disaster.


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