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First of all, Ovar.io is a very funny take on the io multiplayer game genre. As a player you assume the role of a sperm cell (or many) who has to have a biological show down of sorts with other sperm cells. The goal is to see who can get to the top of the leaderboard. To begin you can choose one of 5 sperm character classes: Cluster, Scout, Soldier, Ghost, or Tank. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

You can choose to race to the middle of an “ovario” (egg cell) to score points or instead fight the other sperm cells (use your head to bite their tails). ┬áThere are also multiple kinds of power ups on the floor in Ovar.io. Some of them are experience points towards a level of yours shown in the bottom right-hand corner (attack, life or skill). Others will temporarily boost a specific level drastically which can be very helpful in winning battles with the other sperm cells.


  • Mouse controls move direction
  • Left-Click or spacebar activates your special skill

GameFarm.io tips for Ovar.io:

  • Get good with the “Tank” class first, it will provide you with some more life. Due to the extra life it will buy you time while you get used to the game.
  • Spam left mouse or spacebar when you enter an Ovario – it makes you move quicker to the middle.
  • Pick up every power up you see/can reach – there are no bad pickups in this game.

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