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Description: is a tank shooter game, with a mining twist. You battle out with other players to top the leaderboard, and becoming the best gold miner and tank in the lobby. You will start in the central green part of the map, where players cannot harm each other. You can return here at any time, but the gold that will you need to progress is not found in the safe green zone.

You must instead move out and hunt down gold. It’s easy to find and can be easy to destroy, once you upgrade your weaponry. You can upgrade for stronger reload speed, damage, health, healing speed, energy and recharge speed. Damage increase makes for a slower reload speed so think wisely when upgrading.

Gold is the Key To Winning In!

In, bigger rocks of gold will give you a bigger XP reward, but take longer to kill. The mud in the game will slow you down as you move over it but will be destroyed as you move or shoot at it. When you encounter enemy players, they will either kill you or decide to take a peaceful route and just hunt for gold. The map is so sparse that often you can go a long time without finding anyone and peacefully mine gold.

Finally there are special moves you unlock with each level of XP. For example, smoke bomb, will disguise you and make you invisible to enemy players for a brief amount of time which is perfect if you are getting violently attacked by a stronger tank.


  • Mouse/Arrows (Select upon start up) – Move
  • Left click/Space bar – Fire
  • Q – Chat tips for

  • If you’re AFK then hide in the green safe zone, or dig a tunnel into deep mud.
  • Make use of the Chat if you want to be peaceful with other players.
  • Upgrade your damage level first, as it will allow you to shoot big gold easily.

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