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Lordz.io is a free online multiplayer browser-based game that was released in November 2017. No sign up is required and the game is in the genres of strategy/upgrades. The basic point of the game is to take over as much land as you can by creating an army around your Lord and attacking other players and their bases. To start out though you will need to pick up gold coins to get an initial army built. These spawn randomly on the map.

Lordz.io Combines Fast Paced Army Battles With Strategic Resource Management

This game features endless strategies you can take between how you lay your buildings out to which and how many units you buy. Current units include Soldiers, Knights, Archers, Barbarians, and Dragons. Dragons are the most prized unit in the game and cost 5000 gold coins to purchase.

The game Lordz.io features some cool concepts, for instance, if you kill a lord while leaving their units alive you can take them over into your army if you have enough houses built. Overall the game is a great game that has a good replayability factor.


  • Aim with your mouse to move
  • Click with your mouse’s left button to target a specific building to attack
  • Keys E,R,T,Y,U,I, and O purchase units and buildings
  • Press spacebar to split your troops into multiple groups

GameFarm.io tips for Lordz.io:

  • Use the “Rubber Band” trick – Attack a building far away from your units and wait for someone to try to get their archers to attack you from the point you attack from. When you let go of your target you jump back to where you were. Do it right and you instantly surround their Lord.
  • Always have a large number of cheap soldier units. They won’t do much damage but they take one of the opponents archers shots protecting your expensive units.
  • Surrond your houses with castles to protect them as you travel the map.

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