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LittleBigSnake is a multiplayer snake based game, that is a more advanced version of the most popular game of this style, Slither.ioLittleBigSnake has the same basic idea. You control a snake that slithers around a large map, collecting glowing food that spawns randomly and is also dropped by other recently killed snakes.

Snakes die by making contact with one another. If you collide accidentally then you’ll die and lose all your progress. But you can also trap another player into colliding with you, but keeping you safe and alive. But LittleBigSnake takes things a little further! There is a long speed boost that increases the longer you hold the boost button and there is a speedometer.

Little Details Make A Hit Game

There are also little AI bugs that can be eaten by your snake. And there are also player bugs, when you choose to play “Juja’s game”. Juja’s Game turns you into a flying beetle that can fly above all the snakes and land to then eat the food on the map. The beetle flies fast but walks slow, so be careful!

The best part of LittleBigSnake however is the upgrades and rewards (found in the “evolution” tab). By having a successful game you’ll be rewarded with gold (which can also be purchased with real money) to unlock upgrades for your snake such as speed boosts, magnetic powers and lightning weapons. Gold and gems can also be obtained by completing achievements. This is a great game for those addicted to games like Slither and want a more, serious and competitive version!


  • Left mouse button – Hold for speed boost
  • Mouse – Move tips for

  • Use speed boost to escape danger and hunt down others!
  • Watch out for the crowns on the mini map, that means they are a big snake.
  • Make use of the tunnels on either side of the map to quickly travel from one side to the other.
  • Stalk big snakes to make quick growth, by stealing their dropped food when they die.

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