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Description: is a fun, quick paced and simple battle game. It is a similar set up to your typical “slither” style game, but instead of snakes and eating, you are a little character equipped with a sword. This sword is your weapon for taking down anything and anyone you happen to encounter (which will be frequent) as you attempt to gain points and reach the top of the leaderboard!

You sword swipes and immediately kills another player that comes in contact with it. There are also AI jellyfish looking animals that can be killed for smaller points. These animals are defenseless. But enemy players are full of danger and experienced players often have obtained scarier looking swords. These, however, can be simply upgraded by following the game on Facebook and Twitter.

Sprint and Slash To Win In

You can speed boost by double tapping W on your keys. The circle in the bottom right of the screen indicates your current charge level for boosts. Going on a killing spree results in a glowing sword which means you’re on a roll. Also, killing sprees give you a points bonus!

Points are also found by walking into the little candy looking pieces scattered around the map. These are dropped by players when killed. So a big kill equals big points! But be careful, they have larger swords and are more dangerous to you. This game is fun for a quick, brainless battle. It doesn’t require much thought, but is a lot of fun and addictive.


  • Mouse – move
  • Left click – Sword attack
  • Double tap W – Speed boost tips for

  • Try stealing the pickups of other kills, that other people are doing.
  • If an enemy has a crown above their head, that means they are top of the leaderboard, be careful but brave – you want to kill them.
  • Make use of your speed boost to escape danger!
  • Don’t overuse your speed boost, you need it for escapes, not laziness!


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    it doest work for me

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