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GoEatBomb.io is one of the most bizarre games on the .io space, where you take control of a monster, who must eat cats, whilst pooping to avoid self-explosion. It is a strange twist on the Slither.io style of game and is highly addictive. The tutorial will help you upon arrival, but basically, poops are bad. They explode you if not pooped out, and once left on the map, will explode anyone who makes contact with them. The chances are, you will commonly run into your own poop.

To gain points on the leaderboard, you must eat cats and other users, whilst avoiding death. Abar on the left indicates how toxic your poop build up is getting. If you move over dead cat residue you will also gain significant poop build up. Once the bar is full, you will explode. You must poop before then by opening your mouth fully.


The more cats you eat, the bigger your monster will become. This can also be helped by eating magic mushrooms, which also make your monster flash different colors. There are also speed pick ups, that look like pills with N20 on them.

It would be better if there was a mini map to show you where the action is happening in the map, but everything else about this game is just funny and addictive. From the moment you hear the game’s music when loading the page, you know this is weird. If you like the IO games, but want something utterly strange, then this it. It’s probably not best for cat lovers though, and remember, poops are bad.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Mouse to spin/turn.
  • Left click to open mouth.

GameFarm.io tips for GoEatBomb.io:

  • Avoid poops.
  • Eat mushrooms to get bigger.
  • If you see another user coming towards you, hold open your mouth to eat them.
  • Try to avoid moving over dead cat remains, as this is very toxic.

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