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Description: is a “guess the drawing” multiplayer game, similar too pretty much every other version of the game you’re likely familiar with.
Despite the strange name, there is nothing unusual about this game; the point is simple – guess the drawing! If that is what you are after, it is great fun. You can even create your own lobbies to play with friends or those of the same language, as public games can sometimes result in chats with non-English speaking, although the answers are always in English.

The drawing system is good as you have more than just a pen tool, there are shapes and fill color tools and more. Sadly, you can’t easily kick or report other users for cheating in Gartic, unlike similar drawing games. This is annoying as some users like to spoil the fun by just writing the word. Which is a bizarre thing to want to do, in a drawing game.

Get Others to Guess Your Random Word in

Gartic will give you a random word which you have to draw whilst the other users guess for what it is. When it is not your drawing turn, it’s your job to guess. The answer remains hidden until the end, so if you guess first no one else will see, but you’ll know you got the points!

The sooner you get the answer correct, the more points you get! Your aim is to top the leaderboard! Words all seem rather simple to draw, but then you realize people aren’t quite on your wavelength, and the guess responses can be hilarious! is great for a non-sign up game and is perfect for a fun session of light-hearted gaming with friends!


  • Mouse – Draw
  • Keyboard – Type tips for

  • This game is best with friends.
  • Try keep it simple.
  • Distractions will only do that, distract.
  • Make use of colors!

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