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You have played a bunch of io / multiplayer browser games – but have you made one? A bunch of annoying things like learning how to code a server / game physics bogging you down? Well have no fear – now you can can create an io game empire without all that fuss – in the game studio simulator game titled!

In a world full of bland clone games, this is a novel new game which allows you take the helm of an up and coming game studio. You can choose to make web games, mobile games or even AAA games. To do so you are going to need to make some money though which you can earn by typing randomly – erm I mean “coding” in the code editor on your screen.

Balance Is Everything in

As you go about taking over the game industry you are going to need to make tough hiring decisions with your talent, juggle lawsuits, and make risky choices across the board. If you play your cards right though you might just create the next or!


  • Bash random keys to crank out code like any good developer would
  • Navigate the interface with your mouse tips for

  • Don’t fear expensive talent on web games, they require so few lines of code (“loc” in game) that it will be over shortly.
  • While waiting continue to press keys – the extra cash can make the difference between bankruptcy and success.
  • If you can wing it, wait until the last moment of a game being coded and pick the most expensive influencer you can. This will make the game earn more money and you won’t be paying them for long.

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