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Description: is a free to play multiplayer space shooting game. It is based entirely in the browser so you do not need to download anything. It is very easy to pick up and start playing but difficult to master. Unlike many browser games at the moment, this one sports 3D graphics which is very nice. Overall the main point of the game is to travel around the galaxy shooting down other spaceships in either the Free For All mode or the Team Deathmatch mode.

Upgrade Your Spaceship to Win in features a very rich customization system. You can make an account and choose from over 5 different classes of ships – each with different weapons and stats which make a big difference. Upgrading your ship is critical to long-term success in this game.

Overall is a very nice change of pace from 2D browser games without the weight and lag of a very slow game engine based browser game. This game looks great, feels great, and has a great appeal for picking up and playing for a few minutes every couple of days.


  • Use the following keys to move: “W”:Forward, “A”:Left, “D”:Right
  • Press Spacebar/Left Mouse Button to fire your weapon
  • Press “Q” to switch weapon (you can also scroll your mouse wheel)
  • Open chat by pressing “T” tips for

  • Turn on mouse-based control if you lag a lot, it will make the game more playable and also help increase your aim.
  • Make an account if you’d like to earn points that let you rent or buy much more powerful ships
  • Find clusters of opponents who are near each other and shoot at the group first, you are more likely to get a kill.

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