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Description: is a free online browser-based game released by the creator of The game falls into the genre of battle-royales and players of games like PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds would definitely be interested in this game. There is no sign-up required and the game is free to play.

To start out you pick a username and customize your appearance including your clothes and headgear. After that you join the game where you will be placed in a map with other players (the alive players/total players count is displayed in the top right corner). The goal of the game at this point is pretty simple – be the last player standing. Can Be Won Through Chaos Or Stealth

There are a variety of ways to be the last one standing – but most players try one of two: either hide and sneak around until the end of the match avoiding all contact or aggressively hunt down and kill the other players. If you choose the first option – hiding – you will have to make sure to stay with the boundaries of the map which constantly shift inward forcing players to get closer to each other.

Overall is a tremendously addicting game through its simplicity. The core game concepts like perks and being able to hide in bushes make the game more dynamic than a lot of the flat simple 2d shooter games online.


  • Press your left mouse button to shoot/attack
  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Press Shift to sprint.
  • Use the F key to interact (pick up items, perks, etc)
  • Switch through your weapons – Press Q or scroll your mousewheel tips for

  • Avoid the machine guns – they simply don’t pack enough damage to be worth it. By the time you spray all your bullets you’d be lucky to get one kill.
  • PICK UP PERKS – Perks are game changers and greatly increase the chance you are going to live.
  • Try out this technique: Hide in a bush with a stun gun and a maul (big hammer). Whens omeone comes clse shoot them with your stun gun and then whack them with the maul.


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    sup homie

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    Keep up the great work guyz.

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