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FeudalWars is a free to play online multiplayer strategy game released in March of 2018. The game is a real-time strategy game that feels like a streamlined version of Age of Empires. The main goal of the game is to either destroy all of your opponents in a match or have them all surrender.

To destroy your opponents you must fight their armies and buildings using your own army of medieval units. To grow that army you will need to use gold which is rewarded every few seconds
(bonus for the number of castles under your control). This gold can be used on constructing new buildings and on upgrading existing buildings (by clicking the upgrade button on them).

Each Round Is Different And So Are The Players In FeudalWars

FeudalWars is a game that will take a bit to become good at. Fast thinking is required but what is needed more is adapting to the other player’s strategies. No two players will fight you in the same way so it becomes a balancing act of acting on routine and blending in new counters to the other player’s choices.

For fans of the game it is recommended to make an account which allows you to track your stats and watch your rank score grow in the “Rankings” section from the main page. Overall we highly recommend FeudalWars for anyone who is a fan of RTS games like Warcraft, Starcraft or Age of Empires.


  • With units selected right click on a building or enemy units to attack
  • Click the left mouse button and drag over an area to select your units
  • Chat by pressing enter adn typing, then pressing enter to send again.
  • Cancel building by pressing the “C” key.

GameFarm.io tips for FeudalWars:

  • To start out choose England and build a ton of upgraded archers. This is one of the simplest strategies to master that is effective.
  • Always have at least two armies amassed. One to keep your opponent preoccupied and another to keep conquering gray/neutral castles.
  • Towers win games. As you push forward into enemy land build towers to support your military.
  • Control where units respawn by clicking a building and right clicking where they should go upon creation.

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