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Description: is a free to play online browser game released in December of 2017. It requires no registration to play and no downloads are required. The overall plot of the game is that you take the role of a bird who is trying to lay as many eggs as possible. To do so you need to travel the map and eat feed. However, as you do this other players (birds) will try to dive into your nest and eat your eggs. is Bird Versus Bird Mayhem

The best way to keep from losing all your eggs is to stay near your nest. Stay close enough (within the colored radius coming out from it) and you will move extra fast. If you peck an enemy with your beak inside of your radius it kills the egg thief. If you sneak into enemies bases you can steal their eggs and raise them as your own like the sick bird you are.

Overall is a refreshing new concept in the online browser game space and is deceptively simple. There are many strategies one can try and we can’t wait to see what new updates come next.


  • Move your mouse around and your bird follows it. tips for

  • STAY CLOSE TO YOUR NEST – can I say it again? Even if I can’t I will – stay close to your nest. If you are thinking about leaving your nest do this: take 100 sided die and roll it – if the number 1-99 stay close to your nest. If the number is 100, also stay close to your nest.
  • Go straight for the eggs of your rivals if they leave their nest unguarded close to you. (Getting the hint about staying close to your nest yet?)
  • Pay attention to an exclamation mark over your head – this means an intruder is near your nest.

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