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DrawThis.io is a fun and interactive game where all players are part of the action. Players will take turns to be the person who draws. The person who is drawing will receive a banner that tells him/her what to draw. Then the drawer must draw this thing to the best of their abilities. They have 60 seconds to give the other people as many clues as they can. Whilst this is going on, the others must guess what the person is drawing.

Points are awarded to the people who guess correctly, with the first person getting the most points, the second person to guess getting the second most points and so on. Draw this is similar to the game Draw my thing. Personally, I really like this game due to the fact that it is interactive, and everyone can be involved at all times. Because of this it’s fun on either role, meaning that you can enjoy yourself whether you are the person who has to be the illustrator, or if you’re one of the people guessing what the drawing is. Another good feature of the game is that you can play online with random people, or you can make a private room and invite the friends that you want to play with you.


  • Mouse used to illustrate.
  • Keyboard used to guess.

GameFarm.io tips for DrawThis.io:

  • Try and make your drawings as accurate as you can, as it makes the game more fun.
  • Think outside the box for hard words, try using combination of small images to make guesses easier!

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