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Evolve your creature and collect more skills. Eat your enemy’s tails to make it to the top!

Watch your tail! don’t let them get to close or you will end up tailless is a fun survival game. You start out as a small lizard, bite your enemy’s tails to grow! if you get your tail bit you can regrow it buy eating more dots. As you evolve you will collect more skills. The more skills you collect the easier it will be to bite your enemy’s tails. Some of the skills include speed, traps, and agility. is an animal evolution game where you can customize your creature’s skills and develop a strategy. It is similar to so if you like that game you will love this one!


  • Use your mouse to move around
  • Hit the Enter key for Chat
  • Press keys Q – R to use skills tips for

  • The skills have a cool down before you can use them again, watch the countdown so you know when to use them
  • Watch out for creatures with red names, They can bite your creature from any side!
  • Use the plants to hide from your creature

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