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Description: is a quirky, simple growth game with a team vs. team basis, rather than the typical free-for-all. You choose to be either a cat or a dog (it makes no difference, other than personal preference) and must eat the food around the map to grow, as this will make you more dangerous and harder to kill. As a team, your objective is to control areas on the map by hitting the items that mark each area (such as trees).

To kill others you must hit them with your paws or simply suffocate them by walking over them if you are bigger (it is possible to get around extremely large compared to your starting size). The bizarre twist of this game is the breeding part. You can press E to show you are “ready to breed”. Your cat or dog will get all hearty eyed and wait for a potential mate.

Minion Cats or Dogs Help You Win Games In

When another player also wants to breed, after a few seconds a little minion pet will spawn next to you. This will then follow you around, protecting you, until you press release (SPACE). When released it will very quickly chase after enemy players and attack! It has an angry face for a reason!

But be careful! When breeding you are a weak target and can die very easily because you’re distracted! Kennels can also be used to hide in, when under pressure. There are also gold and health pickups available. If you want a team based growth game try it out!


  • Move – WASD
  • Aim – Mouse
  • Attack – left mouse click
  • Dash – Right mouse click
  • Power-up – Space
  • Breed – E tips for

  • Keep an eye on the minimap for signs of potential breeders!
  • Press E quickly to get the attention of others when you want to breed.
  • Big enemies kill very easily, don’t take any chances – get away!

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