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Battle it out in this comical Cat vs Mouse game. Eat cheese or fish to level up

Cat vs Mouse the epic battle! who will take over the map? is a multiplayer game where you start out as either a cat or a mouse. If you are a cat make sure to eat the fish and cat food to level up. If you are a mouse eat all the cheese you can find. Attack the other team and take over the map! is a fun game where you get to level up by eating your character’s favorite food, will it be cheese or fish?


  • Use your mouse to move around the map
  • Left click to attack
  • Right click to speed up tips for

  • Speed up when your enemy is close, this will help you get away
  • If you are a mouse look for the big cheese for extra points. If you are a cat look for the red fish!
  • make sure you are a high level before attacking your oponent

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