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BlockSurvive is a free online battle-royale/survival game released in November of 2017 by the creators of the game Blocker. The game is addicting because it has moments of suspense where nothing happens as your travel across the rather large map which quickly turn into cut-throat fights as you stumble across a player or even a group of players that are out to get you.

There are few different items and weapons in BlockerSurvive – everything from stun grenades to hockey masks – to aid your attempts. They can be found around the map but the fastest way to get gear is to kill other players.

When Players Get Together It Is Mayhem in BlockerSurvive

The game features some specific strategies to get players to engage each other in combat despite the large map. Items tend to spawn most of the time by cities so players tend to go to the same areas when they need a weapon or ammo- creating moments of battle. Also there is a constantly shifting “boundary” players need to stay in or they take damage.


  • Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move
  • Aim with your mouse
  • Click the left mouse button or press space to attack/shoot (if within range you will swing your melee weapon)
  • E key = Action
  • Q key = View Map
  • R key = Reload
  • F key = Use grenade/explosive
  • G key = Use item tips for BlockerSurvive:

  • Always use explosives and have one ready to throw as you walk around. A moltov ends up killing people 90% of the time.
  • Hide any chance you get – the element of surprise is oen of the best strategies in the game.
  • Use your map often – head towards cities when you need items and away from them when you don’t.

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