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Description: is a fun, free for all, beach themed shooting game similar to games such as You take to the beach with other users, in a 3D well-animated arena, with your deadly weapon being… beach balls! Your aim is to collect as many points as possible by hitting other players, until their health bar reaches 0 and they turn into a sand castle. Once they are dead, you can destroy the sand castle for a pickup which will bring you further points.

You can free roam around the map, dodging enemy fire, and taking shelter behind deck chair, palm trees and beach huts. You can rapid fire your beach balls or take the calmer approach of hitting with precision; however, multiple hits are likely required to take down your enemy. With every kill and every pickup, you’ll gain more XP, which will boost your level up bar. Leveling up brings the chance to use more powerful beach balls, bigger beach balls and the chance to build sand forts that can protect you from enemies!

Level Up Your Beach Conquering In

Leveling up is probably the best part of BeachFight. It gives you the incentive to keep playing and a reward. Once you start building little forts and have several players failing to hit you, then you’ll be having great fun! There are also big walking sharks, that will have no mercy if you accidentally hit them, or get too close. But they too can be taken down of course, via the deadly beach ball.

As initially stated, this game is fun and a little more casual than most shooters! Even if you fire 1000 beach balls at another player, they will never bleed or suddenly pick up an AK47, so as a shooting game goes this is great for all ages. You’ll likely need a mouse though if you are aiming to succeed, as the movement on a laptop trackpad is difficult. is a frantic and fun shooting game, with little time to rest, but a fun, light-hearted theme!


  • Move – Mouse
  • Shoot – Left click/Space bar
  • Rapid fire – Hold Space bar tips for

  • Use a mouse, a laptop track pad is no fun for
  • Level up ASAP and take advantage of the upgrades.
  • Avoid sharks when you are first starting out.
  • Make use of sun beds and other protective items.

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