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Description: is a free to play online multiplayer spaceship brawl. The main premise of the game is to make your ship as big as possible because it makes you stronger. To do so you are going to need to collect plasma, which you can get one of two ways: slowly pick it up around the map or kill other players. Is Full Of Intense Battles

Between missiles, mines, avoiding asteroids and more this game is action packed when it comes to getting into combat situations. One thing is for sure though, always watch your back. There are a lot of sneaky ways for players to get close to you quickly.

Overall Astrix is a very well made browser game that we highly recommend. It plays smoothly and is simple enough to jump right in but at least has some depth in terms of some things like the mines, wormholes, etc.


  • Shoot: Left click / Spacebar
  • Accelerate: Right click / W key
  • Use your mouse to aim
  • Speed Boost: Q key
  • Fire Missiles: E key tips for

  • Get in fights with big ships early on, you either die and lose nothing or luckily beat them and jump in size early on
  • Blackholes/wormholes and speed boost are both great ways to escape from fights if you are losing
  • Don’t forget about your missiles! A lot of players don’t even use them.

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