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AirMash is a free to play online multiplayer air based shooting game. You can select from one of 5 different air crafts at the time of writing. These include Predator,, Mohawk, Goliath, Prowler and the Tornado. Each has different abilities, stats and perks which makes them unique int erms of gameplay. You will find other players whipping around the map at high speeds and need to shoot them down to excel at the game, you can use the radar to get a good idea of where to find them. Killing players will give you experience which you ccan level up with and add to yor stats (see controls section).

AirMash Is Full of Fast Paced Warfare

AirMash requires some quick thinking and good reflexes to do good in but over time and with enough strategy you can quickly become one of the better players. There are a lot of small tricks you can learn that add up to being a better play, these tricks include when to start shooting (hint it is before you even see them on your screen,, use the radar) and when to run away. Overall the graphics are very smooth and consistent and we give AirMash props for that. The game also features an in-game chat and leaderboard system which is a nice touch.


  • WASD / Arrow keys to move
  • Press 1-4 to upgrade different stats
  • Press Spacebar to shoot missles
  • Q / E keys to move left and right as the helicopter tips for AirMash:

  • Start out using the helicopter, it is easy to control while you get the hang of the game
  • Always grab power-ups like “inferno”, you can kill multiple other players at once with it
  • Shoot into other people fighting for easy kills without risking much

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