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About IO Games: IO Games Explained

What exactly is an IO game?

When people say “io game” they are most often referring to free multiplayer online games. You may be asking what all the fuss is about then as those have been around for multiple decades at this point. Well there are some traits that iogames tend to share:

  • Free
  • Online
  • Multiplayer
  • No signup required – very quick to jump in and play an io game
  • Browser Based
  • Usually on a .io domain name
  • Mostly “permanent death” (i.e.: when your character dies you lose all progress and start again)
  • Usually HTML5 Based

Why are IO Games Becoming so Popular?

First let’s break down a very rough timeline to help draw focus to pioneers of the genre that helped form the current IO game craze:

  • ~2006: Xgen Studios releases a multiplayer online stick vs stick combat arena. The game features many of the early IO game core concepts: no signup, jump right in, simple controls, online and free.
  • ~2013: Programmer Nick Riggs releases TagPro, a free online game with no signup. Players are simple balls that compete against teams in a capture the flag variant. The game jumped in popularity and even formed clubs on various social media outlets.
  • ~2015: Programmer Matheus Valadares releases to a massively positive reception. paves the way for the io game scene and is soon being played around the world. Famous online personalities spend hours showing gameplay of it and players from all over embrace its simple yet addicting gameplay.
  • ~2016: With some big io game shoes to fill, programmer Steve Howse releases, a twist on the old classic game of Snake. The game continues to do tremendously well and helps cement the core philosophies of what makes an io game an io game: simple, free, fast and most importantly: fun.

As you can see the IO game craze as of late is based on almost a decade of honing what exactly it means in the first place. As more and more games get released each week it certainly doesn’t seem like their popularity will be dieing down anytime soon!

Where do most people find IO games online?

Well we are going to of course be a little biased and say that is the best site to find games that are io online. We are proud to be on a .io domain and are passionate about the subject and we actively maintain our io games list. To put it bluntly – we are here to make a space that is by io game lovers for io game lovers. We don’t let crappy games make it on our site and we remove games if they go down hill. However, a lot of people find IO games by following io game developer blogs, social media, watching io game streams on Twitch or even seeing io games being played on Youtube.

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