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Zombs.io is a hunting, gathering and survival game where you must build, defend, kill and survive rounds of zombie onslaughts! ZombsIO is a very popular game with many servers available to choose from, and many of them are highly populated. Basically, you are a little character, equipped at first with nothing more than a mining tool. From here it’s your job to collect wood and stone to build up your own fortress that will help you survive as many rounds as possible and gather a high score.

Your fortress at first will be nothing more than some auto firing arrow towers and gold mines, but over time may expand into a four wall, cannon firing, zombie slaying machine! Zombies arrive each night, and you can track the time of day via the bar on the left above the minimap. It’s your job to plan each day for better protection each night. The map is a large rectangle, with trees, rocks and more available to mine for resources, this at first is done manually but later you can build machines to help you.

Build To Protect Yourself in Zombs.io

Walls can be built by using wood to create boundaries for your fortress, to keep zombies and over players out. Of course, you can team up with other players though! Doors can be placed that allow only team accepted players to enter, meaning you have a strong, private fortress. This is one of the best parts of the game. Teaming up with others in a survival game make things really exciting and dynamic. But once you see another player, don’t always trust them. As always some people are just there to hurt you and your pets…

Wait, pets?! Yup! Pets can be acquired once you’ve got good and will follow and protect you from enemies and zombies. You have a whistle which when “whistled” will recall all pets to you, so long as they survive their journey back! Zombs.io is a great, diverse game with lots to do, lots of variety and opportunities for teaming up with others. It’s tense, frantic and yet requires some long-term planning all at the same time!


  • Move – WASD or Arrows.
  • Left click – Attack or use tool
  • Number keys (0-9) – Select item to build

GameFarm.io tips for Zombs.io:

  • Before you get into any conflict with others, make sure you’ve got some pets.
  • Team up with others if you really want to top the leaderboard!
  • Wood and stone are collected very quickly, so despite the tutorial telling you to get just 10 wood at first, get loads more.
  • Remember to build walls to keep your buildings safe! But don’t forget a door, like I did…

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