The game Zlap is an exciting installment that is in a way similar to the Agario style of game. This is because the premise of Zlap is to start out as a small sprite, and grow. However rolling over dots isn’t how you do this in this game, instead, you must take out other players. How do you take out other players I hear you ask? Well, this is where the game gets interesting. Every character has a ball attached to them by a string, similar to a ball and chain. To kill other players, you must use momentum to swing the ball and hit other players. Personally, I think this is a really interesting part of the game, as it’s a really unique feature. After you take out another player then you will grow in size, and so will the weapon that you use. Of course, the bigger that your character is then the easier it is for you to succeed in the game. I really liked this game because of the premise of using momentum to take out other players, I’ve never played a game like this. I really recommend Zlap if you’re looking for an interesting take an Agario style game.


  • Mouse to move around character and generate momentum to strike opponents

GameFarm.io tips for Zlap.io :

  • Stay away from big enemies in the beginning, they are too powerful so stay away.
  • Focus on growing yourself.
  • Practice getting the hang of the momentum hits. This is quite tricky, so practice may be required.

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