Wormax is a game that’s very similar to Agario. The aim of the game is to go around the map and eat small dots in order for your character to grow. Another important goal is to avoid contact with other players as failure to do so will result in your character being killed. Something interesting about Wormax that helps you achieve the goal of not touching other players is the ability to pull off a dead stop. This means that if you suddenly run into another player it’s easier to avoid them. If you want to collect dots and level up quicker, then you can speed up for a limited time. The speed ups and dead stops are power-ups that of course have to recharge over time after usage. It will be more difficult at the beginning when you are controlling a smaller character as you take up a smaller surface area which means it will be harder to eat dots. Also, the larger characters can eat you a lot easier. However, if you manage to grow you’ll be on your way to being great in no time! Overall this is a really exciting and fun game, and for a free game you can’t ask for much more in terms of quality. If you’re looking for a fun alternative to Agario, then this is for you!


  • Control your character with your mouse.
  • Use Q to speed up
  • Use W to stop

GameFarm.io tips for Wormax.io:

  • Use your speed and stops frequently. These are really useful power-ups that can help you at all levels.
  • In the beginning focus on sticking to less populated areas. You’ll be smaller, so do this to avoid getting eaten by giant players.
  • Avoid contact with other characters. This is a very simple tip, because if you don’t do so, your characters will die.

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