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Description: is a frantic, chaotic shooting game, where you control a fighter jet in a crazy and busy airspace. Each user takes control of the same standard jet, but must use their weaponry to fight for survival and kill others. The aim? To top the leader board! Points are gained via kills, pick ups and flying into small golden gems.

Each user has a health bar, which will reduce at varying rates depending on the weapon used.The map, is the air above the ocean. Other players fly around like lunatics, endlessly shooting one another. You start with a standard firing turret, but pick ups (found on parachutes through the air) are your friends!

Control the Pickups, Control the Sky in

The pickups give you an alternative weapon, these include: lock-on rockets, spray fire, smash attack, bomb drops, electric shock and more. They are essential and will help you destroy others much easier! Each pick up also gives you a small points boost. Kills are where you will gather points the most. If the player has more points, when you kill them, you’ll also gain more, compared to a low points player. There are also health pickups which are essential for survival. The leader can be found by following the crown icon. The previous player to kill you can be found by following the red face icon, so if you want a sweet revenge kill, head for that!

There are also “Warship” rounds. This is when an NPC warship will sit on the ocean and fire an extremely strong turret at you if you come too close. Warship kills will gain you big points however, but it is extremely risky and frustrating. Planes can fly into the ocean and automatically fly back up, but it will reduce your health bar slightly. There is also boundaries at a certain height and to the sides of the map. Going over these will also reduce your health quickly. is a unique game, and extremely satisfying due to its fast-paced action. It’s even more fun with friends and is a very well made simple idea! One of the best plane games on the .io space!


  • Mouse – Steer your plane
  • Left click/space shoot tips for

  • Get the lock on rockets pick ups! They are lethal and brilliant for killing the stronger players.
  • Collect health pick ups whenever you see them.
  • Avoid warships until they are low on health, then steal the kill.
  • Be wise in your movement; spin around so you suddenly behind another player not in front etc.

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