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Wilds.io is a free online game where users can quickly jump into a multi-team hack and slash rogue like game. You are thrown into a single level massive map where the is on going war between different teams. Your goal is to smash and whack your way to the top of the leaderboard by growing levels and finding the best gear you can scattered across the map. You will find many items to help you on your journey in Wilds.io from grappling hooks, potions that make you appear like two people, and different weapons and armor.

In Wilds.io your level is displayed above your player and above other players so you can use that as a sign that you can easily take someone out or you need to turn around and run! Underneath your player you will find a health wheel that indicates how many more hits you can take from players. Be wary when it gets low because when you die you lose everything, there is no saving in Wilds.io.


  • 1, 2 , Q, E to toggle through items picked up off of the floor
  • Left click to swing weapon (hold it down to charge it up)
  • Press R to cast your special ability
  • Hold right click to sprint
  • Spacebar to jump

GameFarm.io tips for Wilds.io:

  • Break open boxes, boosts + items are inside that will make you stronger
  • Charge up your attack to do more damage. Most players don’t so this is a big advantage right off the bat.
  • Hidden quick chat menu: hold down your mouse scroll wheel to access a menu of quick chat items, hover over and release to say them

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