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WarIn.Space is a free online multiplayer browser game that requires no downloads or registration to play. The main plot of the game is that you assume the role of captain of a battle spaceship and you must fight alongside your fleet to win the war in space. The war is ongoing and you will need to upgrade your ship greatly if you are to survive.

Upgrades Are Practically Endless In WarIn.Space!

As you collect more scraps from killing other players and picking up the scraps around the map, you will have the chance to upgrade your ship. You will usually be presented with 3 options you can pick from. As you change ships you will have different abilities which can range anywhere from shields, sniper shots, healing abilities, to even turrets you can build.

WarIn.Space is highly recommended to anyone who likes casual online multiplayer games you can pick and put down at a moments notice. Despite the simplicity of the game’s controls it has a high replayability factor due to there being so many different choices of things you can upgrade combined with different ways you can pilot your spaceship.


  • Click your left mouse button or press “A” to fire
  • Click your right mouse button or press “S” to use your ship’s ability
  • Aim your mouse to move in that direction.
  • Press Q, W, E, and R keys to upgrade different parts of your ship.

GameFarm.io tips for WarIn.Space:

  • Stay near your teammate’s spaceships. Fighting alone is basically suicide even with a top tier ship.
  • Upgrade your “SCRP” as much as you can early game, it generates scraps for you without having to pick them up. This allows you to upgrade faster.
  • Zig zag as you run away from opponents so their shots are more likely to miss you.

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