Vertix is a fun, arcade style shooter game. The aesthetic is similar to that of a retro pixelated game, and to be honest I think this a really appealing feature. When you first load it up you will be taken to the menu, where you can give your character a name and also change what happens you want to use. Here you can edit the weapons you use, the things your character wears etc. You can also use different mods too, such as the Minecraft mod. Once you get into the game you are sorted onto a team, either red or blue. There are a variety of different game modes. These include; team deathmatch where each team competes to kill the other team more than the other kills them, zone war where you earn points mostly by entering the other team’s zone, and rocket war where people go solo and aim to blow each other up with rockets (which I can assure you is as fun as it sounds). Also, there are achievements for players to earn for getting a certain amount of kills. Scattered across the map there will be loot crates that can earn points for your team.


  • Standard W,A,S,D to navigate.
  • Cursor aims your gun.
  • To fire your weapon you must left click.
  • Clicking the space bar will make your character jump.
  • To place a spray (similar to graffiti) use F.
  • R reloads your weapon.
  • Shift displays the leaderboard.
  • Scroll/E/Q will switch weapons. tips for

  • Find a loadout that works for you- There are a couple of different loadouts for weapons, so experiment. Personally I liked the hunter class, but this will be different for everyone.
  • Use your radar! This gives you an idea of possible routes to go down, whether it be to take out the enemy, or find a path into their zone, the radar can be your best friend.
  • Stay ready- The enemy can be right around the corner, so it’s essential to keep your wits about you. Stay focused and switched on at all times.

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  1. Mein Name says: is swarmed by aimbotters. Also the sniper is too op. If there are like 3 snipers in the opposite team you don’t really have a chance. Especially in the gamemode “Lootcrate”. Snipers are camping at the spawnpoints of the lootcrates.

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