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TankSmith.io is the new bigger, badder cousin of Diep.io. You thought you knew everything about io tank games but that is where you were wrong punk. In fact, since you are such a smarty pants why don’t you write this description about TankSmith.io? That is what I thought.


Spikes, healing, boosters this game leaves nothing out of the picture. Just when you think you got it figured out you are being crammed up against the wall by a million onyx spike traps. Onyx? What is that you ask? Onyx is your worst nightmare. A nightmare you have inside of your best dream. Weird, but that is how it is.

Listen, play the game or don’t but here is the thing either way you are going to miss out. Play it and you miss out on a social life, don’t play it and your dog might still not love you. I don’t know because I don’t know you or your pets feelings.


  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Left mouse button to shoot and click upgrades / new units

GameFarm.io tips for TankSmith.io:

  • Upgrade your tank components all the time – really no reason not to if you can
  • If you are built up decently it may be possible to go afk for a few seconds but you will risk dieing
  • When starting out try to grab the last hit on materials from the big tanks have already damaged

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