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TanksIO.online is a 12 player arena based shooter game, where each user takes control of a small but nimble little tank. It is a simple and quick to learn game, with a team deathmatch style of scoring. The first team to reach 25 kills wins. You are assigned a color, which indicates your team and then must battle out with the other three colors.

Additionally, The bars at the top of the page indicate how many players each team currently has playing, with it typically being three throughout. The map appears to be suspended in outer space, features spawn locations for each team and walls. Also you can use the walls as protection from enemy fire. The spawn areas are indicated by the colored squares on the floor.

Simple to Learn, Difficult to Master

It does sometimes feel like whoever fires first in a little fight will always get the kill, but as your familiarity with the game increases it become addictive to want to become your team’s reliable member. Furthermore, pick-ups are available throughout the map and by driving your tank over them you are automatically assigned them. They include: health boosts, alternative missiles (green is a wall bouncing missile and red is a strong missile) and the most useful; armor.

Your health is indicated by the green bar above your tanks and goes down per hit you receive from enemy fire. However, one down side with this team game is that players seem to leave quite quickly if your team is doing poorly and there is no incentive for personal success, so you rely on them. Overall, it’s a fun little game with nice 3D visuals and a good team vs. team dynamic, that reminds me of old classics.


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Click your Left Mouse button to fire weapon.
  • Use your Mouse to turn/spin turret (aim).

GameFarm.io tips for TanksIO.Online:

  • Make good use of health pickups.
  • If you’re new and struggling, stay in your spawn area for team mate back up.
  • Don’t move straight when trying to avoid enemy fire, zig zag.
  • Get a green missile pick up, find cover then shoot an enemy by bouncing it around a wall.

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